a little feast

Welcome to my weekly lifestyle post!

This week is about food.

  • Japanese Bento box at Bento Ramen. Including Salmon, semi-fried dumplings, teriyaki beef with sesame seeds, Prawn and veg tempura, Japanese rice, an egg roll and salad with tofu.

Overall : 7.8/10 - The tofu reduced my liking.

Homemade shrimp fried rice. Quick, simple & easy to make, you know my blog is mainly fashion, so I set the table with magazines underneath, and Axel Arigato chopsticks.

Boiling crab - Snow crab legs, prawns, lemon pepper chicken wings and sweet potato fries. Yummy, yet hard to eat. Everything was cooked to almost perfection, except prawns were slightly overcooked. 7/10.

Home-made tacos. Tempura prawns, pico de Gallo, and soft flour tortilla shells. Quick to make, good eat.